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Now Hear This: License Plate (single) - Damon Mitchell

Rating: ***1/2

Another Indiana kid out here chasing his dreams with a brand new EP coming out and a lead single right here in my inbox!

Kid's mame is Damon Mitchell and he's a singer-songwriter type. His single is called "License Plate" off the upcoming EP entitled "Elise".

I'm gonna kick the tires on the single first and review the EP early next week. I'm usually into sadboy singer stuff, so from the looks of it, this might be in my wheelhouse.

Listen along if you have the Spotify app. Who doesn't have the Spotify app. That would just be silly.

My thoughts after the jump.

Listen to "License Plate" on Spotify by clicking here.

This initially has a real 90's jangly guitar vibe to it. Mitchell has a pleasant voice that works for this melody. It's flat but still has a depth to it. It kind of sounds like a Jim Croce song, if it was sung by They, Might Be Giants. Lyrically it's fairly run-of-the-mill for this genre which isn't to say it's bad. It's not. It almost has a Dixieland energy to it. The song is strong and bears repeated listens to fully appreciate.

"License Plate" is a solid first single that gives you just enough the whet your appetite while you wait for the entire EP to drop. If you're a fan of They Might Be Giants or Old 97's, I think you're probably going to find something here to dig. It's American singer-songwriter done pretty damn well. I recommend it.

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