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Now Hear This: Don't Mean Broken (single/music video) - Michael Bruner

Rating: ****

The midwest isn't exactly famous for smooth singing R&B with reggae tones thrown in but Bloomington, IN local Michael Bruner has a new single out called "Don't Mean Broken" and here we are.

Bruner recorded this one in conjunction and cooperation with Instru Dash Records where he partially laid this one down as well as in his own studio in his hometown.

I'd be lying if I said I knew much about this guy. I don't. But from what I'm reading about him, he's got a lovely voice and an earnest approach to songwriting (this one is about losing connection with an old friend). I usually dig that sort of thing so I'm stoked to check this one out.

Stay tuned for all of my thoughts. They're usually brilliant.

Watch the music video for "Don't Mean Broken" on Youtube below:

Starts with a gorgeous acoustic guitar intro. I really like this so far. Bruner kinda has a Jack Johnson vibe to him. Definitely more of an island vibe. Not expected from a kid from Indiana. Lyrically it's complex without being overwhelming. Earnest is a good description of the energy Bruner is passing to the audience. He's got a really solid singing voice that is perfect for the kind of music he's playing. The song is melodic and rock solid.

If you're into Sublime's slower stuff, Jack Johnson, or even Ben Harper to an extent, Michael Bruner's newest single "Don't Mean Broken" is probably gonna be right up your alley. I strongly recommend it to fans of the genre.

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