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Now Hear This: A New City (single) - Eddy Yang

Rating: ***

Eddy Yang is an LA-based rock and roller that recently visited the Big Apple (NYC for those of you that are dumb) and was so inspired that he wrote and recorded an entire EP about it. New York (the Big Apple for those of you that are dumb) can have that effect on people.

The EP is called "A New City" and it's due out April 5. The good news is that the lead single, also called "A New City" is available already and I'm lucky enough to give it a run through for this very website. Luck. It just becomes me.

I'm gonna go ahead and check this thing out and then calculate my results for a star rating that you've already read. It's a weird system, but it works for me.

Listen to "A New City" on Soundcloud below:

So I like the laidback tone. Reminds me of Bruce Springsteen to a degree. Yang's voice is an acquired taste. He's not exactly Jeff Buckley, but it's unique and grows on you as the track continues. Lyrically it's basic, but it gets the point across. This dude is tired of where he's at and longs for the change of scenery that NYC provides. The song hums along and you'll probably hum along too. Not bad.

Eddy Yang's lead single isn't going to change the way you view rock music, but it's a solid track that fans of classic rock will most likely enjoy. I give it a moderate recommendation as I enjoyed the tune, but fear that fans outside the niche won't exactly connect to it.

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