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Now Hear This: Drive (single) - Erich Mrak

Rating: ****

He's been on a 7-month journey of releasing one single at a time and here we are in my inbox with "Drive".

Mrak has a reputation of being quite the talented producer, rapper, and lyricist. Kind of jack-of-all-trades type.

I'm interested in checking out this dude that I've heard a ton about, but I haven't really listened to yet. He's supposed to be dope.

I'll be the judge of that.

Listen with me.

Listen to "Drive" on Soundcloud below:

Cool vibe to start. Mrak isn't a mumble rapper, but it's not exactly a traditional cadence either. It's laid back for sure. Lyrically it's clever and the beat drops about 30 seconds in and completely changes the energy of the track. He's got skills and this is as well-produced as it comes. The song is good and it makes me interested in hearing what's next.

Erich Mrak's latest single "Drive" is worth a few spins. I'm guessing it'll be in your rotation for the next little while. Beats are dope, and Mrak has a unique style that draws you in. Highly rec'd.

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