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Now Hear This: Big Terror (Feat Rebel ACA & French Monkey Wrench) - Big Terror

Rating: *****

Rebel ACA & French Monkey have combined forces to create a project called Big Terror and from the looks of the album artwork, I'm here for it.

From what I understand the album "Big Terror" is a combination of multiples styles ranging from jazz to hip-hop to house music. It's supposed to be dark and moody (I'll be the judge of that) and might be best listened to alone or in a dimly lit cafe with your headphones firmly placed against your willing ears.

It sounds like an interesting project so I'm hella geeked to have a listed.

I'll report back soon as I do.

Watch the audio video for "Super Mario" on Youtube below:

The opening track "Great Balls of Fire" isn't a Jerry Lee Lewis cover which is mildly disappointing. However, it is different in its sound and truly combines components of so many different genres. It's like the Gorillaz without the rapping. "Super Mario" is next. It has what I would consider lyrics, even though it's not singing or rapping and mostly monologuing. The beats are dope and it makes for a sample-filled fun time. Solid start to the LP for sure. "Good Question" is an indie rock delight and something I wasn't expecting. Really good stuff. "Fudge" is an interlude that leads us to "Feed the Impossible" and it's just as unique as anything we've heard thus far. The diversity of sounds is really refreshing. "Glasswork" leads us to "Slowdown" and it's Europop perfection. Loving this album so far. "Sitting Out Back" brings us the digital sound and it's a good look for them also. Playful and dark, it's one of the highlights of the second half of the record. "Clouds and Sheets" is the lovely ballad that the album has been missing up to this point. "Drown in the Ocean" is slow and melodic while remaining dark and mysterious. Really solid track. "So I Said to Dave..." reminds me of The Streets, and that's a good thing. "Speak Spake Spoke" leads us to "Life is Good" which is a Beatles-esque number that shows yet another side to this project. So good. We end with "I Think You're Pretty" which is an adorable ending to what was one of my favorite albums of early 2019.

This is an amazing record front to back and therefore gets the illustrious 5 STARS. It's rare but this LP absolutely deserves it. Versatile pop music in the vein of The Verve with electronic edges. So damn good. I recommend it to anyone.

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