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Now Hear This: Screaming at Shapes - Alex Elkin

Rating: ****

This latest Uproar comedy release by Alex Elkin is called "Screaming at Shapes" and it is I, Jude the Comedy Dude that has the distinct pleasure of reviewing it for the very website you're reading as it drops today! March 1, for those reading this early (that would be weird) or late.

Alex Elkin is a nationally touring comedian that recently won the esteemed San Francisco International Comedy Competition. This is his second album on the Uproar Comedy label, and the third hour he's released overall.

From what I know of Elkin, he's outspoken, self-deprecating, and far from politically correct. Should make for an interesting listen.

I'm listening to this while I'm having my morning coffee. I'll report back as I always do after the jump.

Listen to "Safe Spaces" on Soundcloud here:

Elkin starts off with some riffing that feels so natural and professional. So many times when albums start off like that it sounds clumsy but not in this case. At all. From there he starts the hilarious early portion of the album with bits on the homeless (give it a chance), facial hair, and possibly the best joke on safe spaces I've ever heard. The middle portion is equally as strong, both playfully pushing the envelope to just how hard he can push certain buttons while also pointing the smoking gun directly at his own skull. There are certainly times when you sense the crowd's discomfort, but Elkin does a fine job of building the tension and then releasing it. One of my favorite tracks is "#GetABidet" in which Elkin delves into his family life. This is where Elkin is at his absolute best. The set ends on "The Crunchies" and "Fur Babies" which are both hilarious and at times groan-inducing, especially the former. A possibly controversial release, that the open-minded will find laugh-out-loud funny.

Alex Elkin scoffs at PC culture in the most hilarious and genuine way. Though there are plenty of moments that might ruffle some feathers, Elkin spends enough time punching at himself as he does everybody else to make the funny balance seem just right. I highly recommend "Screaming at Shapes". Truly hilarious.

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