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Now Hear This: Pizzy (single) - Sliimsam

Rating: ****

Sliimsam is here in my inbox with a single that dropped in December of last year called "Pizzy".

I'm unfamiliar with Sliimsam so I did some internet digging to Sliimsam is a 25-year-old Nigerian MC that currently resides in Nottingham in the UK. He lists Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa as inspirations. I dig both of those dudes, so I'm excited to check this out.

"Pizzy" is his third single and the first one that I'm checking out so I'm rocking my ears with no former knowledge of the artist. Completely fresh.

Let's do this.

My thoughts after the jump.

Watch the audio video for "Pizzy" on Youtube below:

Beat is dope so that's a start. Sliimsam kinda sounds like Bushwick Bill. As a fan of The Geto Boys I'm into it. Dude can flow and this is pretty melodic for being so sparse musically. His cadence weaves between paces and it makes his style unique. The song itself is strong and lyrically it's straightforward with just the right amount of crass. I really liked it.

If you're into no-frills rhyming with sparse yet hard beats, Sliimsam's latest is gonna ring the bell for you. A really masterful lyricist and MC, Slim is bound to make an impact in the states with his straightahead style. Highly recommended.

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