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Now Hear This: No Other (single) - DDark

Rating: ****1/2

DDark is a British rapper with a brand new single called "No Other" that I'm stoked to give a once (or twice) over to.

DDark is gaining a lot of steam overseas and stateside with a consistent flow of solid singles and a rapidly growing social media following.

He's been at it since he was just a kid, so it goes to show that if you dedicate your life to doing the things you love, you might just get reviewed by a middle-aged comedian in his boxers on a Monday morning someday.

In all seriousness, I can't wait to review this one. I've heard so many good things about this dude. Watch the video linked below and then read what I think about "No Other" after that.

Watch the music video for "No Other" on Youtube below:

Ok, so the first impression is that this is dope and will carry over well in the states where this kind of hip-hop isn't done well. This is so clean and well produced. DDark has flow and his voice is very melodic. It makes the reggaeton vibe carry more weight because he has such a distinguished vocal sound. It's catchy and danceable and I'm certain will go over really well here and in his home country. Super good track. Makes me stoked for what's next.

I'm really impressed by this single from DDark. From the cover of the album, I was expecting some same-sy rap that I've heard done on the radio over and over again. This is actually a really fresh take on the genre. I highly recommend this to fans of the genre and anybody else that is into skilled songwriters.

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