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Now Hear This: Gen X Man - Erik Myers

Rating: ****

This latest Uproar comedy release by Erik Myers is called "Gen X Man" and I've been champing at the bit to have a listen to it ahead of its February 15 release date and just like I rubbed a genie, here it is!

Myers is originally from Columbia, Maryland. He eventually made his way to Florida before heading west to pursue the bright lights and big city of Los Angeles, CA. Since the move he's released a CD, had a special on Hulu, and became a paid regular at The World Famous Comedy Store.

I'm gonna take a drive and have a listen. I'll report back as I always do after the jump.

Listen to "The Millennials" on Soundcloud here:

We get things started with a bit on Myers' Generation X status that really does an excellent job of setting the stage to what ends up almost being a concept album on those of us born after 1965 but before 1980. It works on jokes alone, but also does a great job of foreshadowing. His voice is decidedly gravely and his tone is rage-y for the most part. He knows how to pace himself and through most of the middle portions of the album, he's equal parts, Kinnison and Hedberg. His riff on Uber Drivers is one of the funniest takes on a scenario that's been done WAY too much. The track "Star Witness" is a laugh-out-loud bit about witness protection and why it doesn't sound so bad. This all leads to Myers closing on a bit about a day job at the theater gone hilariously wrong and how things just aren't that bad for a Gen X Man. Solid all the way through, with huge laughs throughout.

Raspy-voiced and angry in the most delightful way possible, Generation X member Erik Myers has opinions on the current generation that might just ruffle some millennial feathers. I highly recommend "Gen X Man" whether you're from that particular generation or not. Really funny stuff from a really funny guy.

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