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Now Hear This: Twisted (single/music video) - Best Intentions

Rating: ***1/2

Nashville-based but Philly-born pop-punkers Best Intentions have a new single and music video out called "Twisted" and it's to be viewed as a teaser of sorts for their new album that they're working on with a tentative release date of Summer 2019.
Before listening to the track, I read a little bit about it. Apparently, it's about acknowledging someone toxic or twisted in your life. Pretty simple stuff, but that's what rock music is all about.
I'm gonna listen and view simultaneously through the power of the internet and invite you to do the same damn thing by clicking the embedded video below.
My thoughts after we do all that.

Watch the music video for "Twisted" on Youtube below:

Riff-based pop-punk has always been my jam and "Twisted" has that in droves. The vocals are basic fare for this genre but they aren't bad. This sounds heavily Blink 182 influenced. The lyrics are nuanced enough to avoid being cheesy and the music is well-played and cohesive and is catchy af. Overall I really enjoyed it and it's making me curious about a full-length release which is the purpose of this right?

Really solid punky hard rock from a band to keep your eye on. I think the second stage of a festival showcase would do these guys wonders and grow their fanbase as well. Solid recommend from me here.

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