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Now Hear This: Sum of All Parts (EP) - Mark Peters and the Dark Band

Rating: ****1/2

Mark Peters used to be in a UK band called Seven Breaths. That was then, this is now, and Peters has a new band called Mark Peters and the Dark Band.

From what I understand this is an indie rock sound with strong acoustic sensibilities. That sounds dope. I'm into checking that out.

This is an EP called "Sum of All Parts" and it was just released 2 weeks ago. Fresh of the press, so to speak. Digital press I guess.

I love indie rock and I'm stoked to give this one a listen.

Let's check it out together.

Click below to watch the music video for "Sum of All Parts" on Youtube:

The title track is first and it's indie rock depression perfection. It sounds a little like Iron and Wine. Really solid musically and strong vocals. Earnest lyrically, it's a really great way to open the record. Track two is "Failure is My Friend" and it's more sad-boy rock done excellently. The chorus is especially good on this one. "Bone Dry" is next and it has a real Bon Iver energy to it. The verse is slow and methodical while the chorus attacks you like a Talking Heads song. Cool juxtaposition in the track. Another really good one. "Highs and Lows" is the fourth and final track. It's slow and gorgeous with more personal feeling in the playing and lyrically as well. Great way to end the way-too-short outing.

So good. If you're into indie coffee shop rock, this is gonna ring your bell real well. Nearly flawless, this one has me begging for a full-length LP like now.

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