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Now Hear This: Single (maxi-single) - Scotty Seed

Rating: ****

There are some serious characters out there in the NYC house scene and one of the ones shining brightest is Scotty Seed.

Scotty has a single called, you guessed it, "Single" and it promises to bring the Witch House vibes that his growing reputation in the Manhattan and Brooklyn house scene are based on.

The three-song maxi-single dropped in late 2018 but is just now finding its way to my inbox for review.

I've been itching to hear some NYC house music, so I guess it's perfect timing really.

Let's dig in.

Click the link to listen to "Single" in it's entirety in Spotify.

"Faust (I Can't Escape)" is a panic-inducing nightmare of hard house. I really love the vibe of this one as it's just as likely to scare your neighbors as it is to make them dance to it. Quite the combo. I'm into it. "Trephination" is a more traditional EDM track but it's nice. It's not as unique as the opening track, but it's got filthy beats in its own right. Solid. "Pig" has more of an industrial and rock tone and it's seriously dope. My favorite track on the single. Really good stuff here.

If you're into exploring some non-traditional house music, I think Scotty Seed's "Single" will be just what the doctor ordered. Strongly suggest giving this one a spin or two. Highly recommended.

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