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Now Hear This: Moody (single) - The Other Life

Rating: ***1/2

I'm so hyped to be reviewing some Swedish electronic dance music right now! This is a single called "Moody" from The Other Life.

This also comes with two pre-released remixes from Operator S and John Gary. I'm also gonna be checking those out and studying them as well.

I'm so ready to do this. My headphones are calling my name. I'm not gonna take any molly and listen to the fuck out of this. I'm not. I promise. I'm really not.

Let's see what unfolds here.

Click below to watch the music video for "Moody" on Youtube:

The original is dark and industrial and really fun. The vocals are solid and the beats are spooky and hypnotic. I like it as a song and could just as easily see this as the soundtrack to some cyberpunk thriller. Really solid effort and a good song to boot.

The Operator S remix strips it down and makes it even more of a house song if that's possible. I really like it. It keeps the spirit of the song while adding some nuances that make it translate to the dance floor even more.

The John Gary remix is probably my least favorite of the bunch. It sounds a little dated and 90's. I'm sure that's the point, but it just didn't resonate with me. I much prefer the original version and the Operator S remix.

Really great new track by The Other Life. I could see all three versions being different people's favorites for different reasons. For me I prefer the original to the others, with the Operator S remix coming in a close second. Recommended.

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