Now Hear This: Things I Need to Say - Jeremy Parsons

Rating: ****

Texas born and raised but currently living in Nashville, TN, Jeremy Parsons is a lifelong music fan. His fandom inspired him to teach himself how to play guitar at an early age and from that, he eventually began to write and perform himself.

Flash forward several years, Parsons has now entertained crowds in the US and abroad for several years.

He's here with a new album called "Things I Need to Say" and frankly I can't wait to dig into it.

I'm gonna do that right now. You should join me by clicking the Spotify link below!

Click here to listen to "Things I Need to Say" in it's entirety on Spotify:

So we start off with "Makin' Things up as I go" and it's everything right with new country music. Taking cues from the legends of the past, but managing to keep it relevant with contemporary lyrics and vocals. Really solid opening track. "Life" is next and it's another catchy modern country tune. He's got a strong voice that uses a lot of vibrato. Something that is rare amongst today's western crooners. "Hope" isn't bad, but it probably my least favorite thus far. Still a solid track. "Circumstance" sounds much more traditional and it's a good sound for Parsons here. "Burn This House Down" is the album's first single and it's mighty strong. Catchy but serious in tone, it's a standout of the first half of the album for sure. "Purpose" is a rocker and it's a nice change-of-pace. Really great LP so far. Still another half to go. "Driftin'" and "Lisa's Lost" are both more traditional in nature and servicable album tracks even if they aren't spectacular. "Devils Daughter" is one of my favorite tunes on the album. It reminds me of George Strait. One of my all-time favorites. Really strong track. "After All These Years" is a slower tempo affair (no pun intended...listen to the track) and another perfectly placed change-of-pace track. "Decide" is slower still, but a good song nonetheless. Title track "Things I Need to Say" is catchy and honky-tonky. It makes me think of drinking myself into a stupor in some high-desert saloon. Perfect really. The LP ends with "Why is the Bluebird Blue" and it's Beatles-tinged power-pop. I love it. Really excellent album.

I'm not the biggest fan of modern country music. In fact, there are very few artists I can even tolerate. That said, Jeremy Parsons might be my favorite of the bunch. Gorgeous vocals, great picking, and earnest songwriting is a combination for a nearly flawless record.