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Now Hear This: The Beat is Calling Me (single) - Clayton Morgan

Rating: ***1/2

Dallas-based soul singer and son of Four Sonics member Eddie Daniels, Clayton Morgan comes to us with a new single called "The Beat is Calling Me".

According to the one-sheet I'm staring at right now, Morgan is heavily influenced by Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna and others. I dig his influences so that's never a bad sign. Actually one time a person I reviewed was heavily influenced by Jeff Buckley and then every song on the album sounded like sad tunes sung by Oscar the Grouch so you never can tell.

I'm gonna give "The Beat is Calling Me" a listen (you can too - see the lyric video below!) and report back like I always do.

The beat is dope so I can see why it's calling him. He's got good r&b pipes but make no mistake about it, this is a dance song. The beat is infectious and I immediately added it to my workout playlist. The chorus is repetitive but super catchy and it's been stuck in my head for a few hours now. Really solid single, from a really solid singer.

This one isn't gonna change the world, but it's a damn solid dance track that will get you off your chair and moving. I'm excited to see what else Clayton Morgan has up his sleeve. I'm guessing it will be catchy af and well-sung to boot. Recommended.

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