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Now Hear This: Stranger - Wraith

Rating: ****

Yo! I haven't done a review in a while and I'm over the damn moon that I get to check out a new hip-hop album by South African rapper, Wraith.

I'm kind of the rap guy over at Now Hear This. Johnny loves rap music, but he knows that I'm a rap fiend. So he did me the honors this time around and I can't wait to put this directly into my headphones and straight into my ears.

I don't know much about Wraith other than he's signed to the Heavy Current Label. I guess he signed with them after graduating college and was like, "Eff a real job, I'm gonna rap for a living." I respect that.

I'm gonna get down to business and give this thing a listen.

Listen to "I See" on Spotify by clicking here.

First impression is that Wraith has a unique style and cadence. I really dig that he uses autotune to actually increase the melodic tone and not as a crutch for being bad a rapping. "Stop That" and "5am" in particular show the kind of dynamic range he has as an MC. Impressive stuff. I can see American audiences responding well to him as he has a pop appeal as well. He's like a South African Weeknd. "I See" is the first single and it's a highlight for sure. That said, my favorite track on the record is "Last Night". Pure banger. There are a few slow points on the record, "Hydro" and "Motivated" stand out to me. But for the most part, this is a very consistent effort from Wraith here.

This is a really solid LP. I can see Wraith getting over stateside with his catchy hooks and unique style. This is well-produced and musically sound from front to back. Aside from some weak spots here and there, this is a must listen for rap fans. Highly recommended.

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