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Now Hear This: 10-4 - Imagination Movers

Rating: ****

Imagination Movers are Emmy-winning stars of the Disney channel show of the same name. I'm old so I literally had no idea who these guys were. It troubled me that I'm so old and out of the loop that I can never even recall this show or these guys being in the pop culture zeitgeist. I'm shook to be honest.

Anyways, they're supposed to be kid-friendly, uplifting and positive rock music in the vein of They Might Be Giants and Barenaked Ladies. That's cool. I like one of those bands (hint: It's not the Barenaked Ladies) so we have a 50% chance of this being alright. That's how math works right?

I'm gonna give this the Johnny Taylor treatment and get back to you with the results.

Let's go!

"Socks" is fun and will be really appealing to the kid crowd they are marketed to and might even stick around in the heads of irritated parents for days and days. "So Glad You're Here" is cute and inspiring. It lacks the viral appeal of "Socks" but I can see lonely kids singing along with a single tear rolling down their faces. "Talking to the Baby" is another tune that I can see parents absolutely hating that they are singing it while they do mundane chores around the house. I mean, it's catchy. Track 4 is "Mad Hatter's Tea Party" is a clever take on the fabled Alice in Wonderland tale. These are all solid kids songs. They do what they do well. "Butterfly Wings" features 90's nerd-goddess Lisa Loeb on co-lead vocals and frankly I love it. I'll listen to this one more than once. Pretty song. "Is That Wrong" sounds like The Hives and I'm here for it. Maybe the catchiest rock song on the album. Kids and parents alike are gonna love this one. "Stacking Game" and "Sunday Morning Song" both sound like filler to me. They aren't bad, but neither possess that special quality that I've come to expect thus far. "Tow Truck" is a whole different sound for them as they delve into hip-hop territory. Kids will love it and their folks will roll their eyes as they go to their rooms to listen to Public Enemy. "Game On" is dreamy and wonderful. My favorite vocals (aside from the Lisa Loeb track) on the album. "Kindergarten Graduation" is sweet and catchy. All the other grades will feel triggered and excluded because of 2018 but whatever. They took the risk and it paid off. Better rapping in this one. "The Hiking Song" has the best sample on the album. It's cute. "#fuzzylittlecat" is exactly what you think it would be and that's just fine. I sweet and fitting end to an album I liked way more than I should have.

I just realized that this is actually the first kid's album I've reviewed on this site! I really liked it and I'm 10 in my heart so I think kids will love it. Parent's might even like it too. They won't admit it, but they will. Highly recommended for the youngsters, and also for the oldsters (I am one).

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