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Now Hear This: Levitate the Base - Adam Rose

Rating: **1/2

Adam Rose is a do-it-yourself type-a-dude. He recorded and mixed this instrumental record at his home studio and it's been delivered to me by the magic of the internet to listen to and review for you. The people. My people.

As for Rose, I don't know much about him. Let me google real quick. Ok, not much. The man is a bit of a mystery I guess. I could have figured by the album cover. Also, his promotional pic seems to be a selfie, so yeah, we are dealing with a modern-day Pynchon here.

I'm just gonna listen to it. Let's go!

Listen to "Levitate the Base" on Bandcamp here:

"Platinum Grime" leads the album off and it's a pretty funky little number. Sounds a bit like it might be VIc Wooten-inspired. Pretty good. "Swampy Thang" is a slow-tempo and highly flanged affair. It's got a dope little rhythm but I wouldn't call it exceptional. Next. "Persian Fantasy" is forgettable and "Riptide" is kinda cheesy. We aren't off to the best start here, but there are many tracks to go! "Slam Dandy" is a likable rocker that changed the pace for the better. I dug that one. "Freaky Fried Flapjacks" is decent if repetitive. "In the Glow" is sexy and different and one of the better tracks from the middle portion of the album. "Skyline Drive" is a different sound for Rose and frankly I like it. More classic in its sound for sure. Pleasant. "Helena" reminds me of a Joe Satriani ballad. That's always a good thing. This last part of the album is very good. Maybe I spoke too soon. "Paisley Arcade" is a real dud. Maybe my least favorite track on the entire album. "Skyline Island Reprise" is a more tropical version of "Skyline Drive". I don't hate it, but it seems redundant. "Isles of Avalon" is the last track on the album and it delivers a fine synth intro. At 10 minutes in length, it's a bit long, but it's good. It sounds like the score to every lovemaking scene in an 80's erotic thriller. Tight.

There are enough good songs on this album to make it more positive than negative. My fear is that some of the cheesiness in the beginning of the album won't allow listeners to make it to the good parts in the late middle. In any event, it's not bad, and some tracks are pretty damn great. Mixed bag overall though.

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