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Now Hear This: Hardcore - Dead Friends 46

Rating: **1/2

Dead Friends 46 are a hardcore band out of Fullerton, CA. that honor the philosophy of the Straight Edge lifestyle. In fact, they dedicate every show to friends and people lost to the sometimes tragic ways of drugs and alcohol.

I like bands that believe in something. Even if it's not what I believe in. It shows some heart and guts and maybe most importantly, some backbone.

I like hardcore music as much as the next guy so I'm excited af to check out what Dead Friends 46 new one, appropriately named, "Hardcore" is all about.

I'll hit you back after the jump.

Listen to "Levitate the Base" on Bandcamp here:

"The Firm" is a 100 MPH shockwave of so-cal hardcore that hits you like a stack of bricks to the face. Really solid. "Rise Up" actually has hardcore anthem written all over it. I can see kids slamdancing and singing along to this one at live shows for years to come. "Whistling in the Dark" has more of a metal edge to it. Kind of Motorhead influenced. Another solid track. "Banned from the Pubs" is a repetitive rocker. It's likable and memorable even if it's not particularly original. "The Letter" is simple fun, while "Mass Hysteria" is possible the most radio-friendly track on the album. Catchy melody with some pop appeal. "Blood Clot" is straight-ahead punk rock that will definitely quench the thirst of people craving more of Misfits-inspired sound. "Lady Doom" isn't anything other than a rad punk rock song with a metal chorus in the middle. Sometimes that's just enough. "Devil and Don" isn't as memorable as the rest but it's still rock-solid punk. "Black Eyeliner (April Harvey)" is only ok. We've reached a little bit of a slow spot here towards the end of the album. Let's see if this last track can turn things around a little. "Dead Friends" does just that. One of my favorite tracks on the album actually. Ended it with a bang.

Dead Friends 46 deliver 9 great hardcore songs and 2 that are only ok. That's a pretty good ratio for a pretty great album. Punk and hardcore fans are gonna love it, everybody else will think it's only good. I dug it.

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