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Now Hear This: Chosen Sons (single/music video) - Post Death Soundtrack

Rating: ****

Vancouver is so rad. I just got back from the city and it just couldn't be more beautiful. Fresh air, ocean breeze, mountains. It has it all really. It also happens to be the home of Doom-metal duo, Post Death Soundtrack.

They're back with a new single and music video for the track "Chosen Sons". It's a song that apparently addresses extremist groups and the mayhem they tend to cause. Pretty serious stuff.

I love metal and Doom-metal tickles my fancy as well when it's done right.

Will this be "done right". I'm not sure, but I am gonna give it a whirl.

Watch the music video for "Chosen Sons" here:

This one is dark and atmospheric right from the get-go. Electronic beat that is just evil-sounding combined with an intro scream that shakes you to the core. Vocally it's haunting and gritty. It's the perfect vehicle to deliver the bleak lyrical content. Really gripping industrial-inspired Doom-rock.

The accompanying music video is a CGI animation short feature that adds a great visual to the single, much in the style of the old Heavy Metal movie. I was compelled throughout.

I really dug this one by Post Death Soundtrack. For coming from such a gorgeous city, they sure make some ugly, but amazing metal. I'm excited to hear (and see) what's next for these BC Doom-rockers. For now, this will more than quench my thirst.

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