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Now Hear This: Extra (EP) - J'Moris

Rating: ****

Texas MC J'Moris has a brand new EP out called "Extra" and frankly, I'm excited to review some hip-hop. It's been months since I've had any rap PR come through my inbox and it's a welcome reprieve from the barrels of singer-songwriter stuff I've been listening to lately.

According to his promotional materials, J'Moris is inspired by rap legend/mogul/character Percy Miller, better known as Master P. As a rap-obsessed young man in the late 90's, I loved P and his No Limit label. You just don't get too many rappers listing him as a primary influence anymore. This somehow excited me to listen even more.

So I'm gonna dive in here.

Meet you on the other side with my thoughts.

Listen to "Extra" on Spotify here.

EP starts with the title track "Extra". I like J'Moris' flow. It's easy and relaxed like a lot of southern rappers. Confident and catchy. I could see this as a lead single. "Misbehave" reminds me a little of Twista. It's clever and dirty in the same way "Slow Jamz" was. "Not at All" might be my favorite song on this way-too-short EP. Lyrically, it's autobiographical and dark in spots without being heavy-handed while ultimately being inspiring in a non-traditional way. Really solid. "Speed Boat" is a perfect ending as it combines everything that is rad about J'Moris style. I can see this one being blasted in the clubs for years to come.

This is an excellent EP from an exciting new artist in the rap game. It's a great sample platter of the diverse ways J'Moris rocks the mic as there is seriously something for everyone here. I suggest giving it a spin.


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