Now Hear This: Monster (single) - Joel Phil

Rating: ***1/2

Apparently, Joel Phil released a single last year called "Rise Up" that I totally missed. The only reason I mention it is because his one-sheet references it. So I went back a listened to it and hot damn it's a solid track


So based on that, I became more and more excited to review his latest single called "Monster". This one supposedly has a darker tone and was written "out of frustration." Tight. Frustration usually makes pretty good art.

I'm gonna give this the old once over and write a review on it now. Check it out for yourself where I linked it below. Then read my thoughts and see if they align with your at all. Deal? Deal.

Watch the lyric video for "Monster" on Youtube here:

This one definitely has an edge to it that "Rise Up" lacked. You can hear the cynicism cut through in the vocals. I like it. Lyrically it's kinda basic, and the melody is familiar and not exactly groundbreaking. Musically it's solid and the layers will make this good headphone fodder. It's a solid follow-up to his last single and if nothing else it shows a different side to Phil as an artist. It's very good but I wouldn't call it great.

I'd call this strong if unspectacular. It shows some versatility and I think that's great. It also made me wonder what an entire LP from Joel Phil would sound like. I'm guessing it would be comparatively diverse as his first two singles.