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Now Hear This: Southern State of Mind - Sugarcane Jane

Rating: ****

Savana Lee and Anthony Crawford have a band called Sugarcane Jane.

Upon receiving this album in my inbox, I had no idea who they were. I dug the band name though. It made me think of soda pop and apple pie and America. Real America. I don't know why per se, but it did.

Upon reading about the project, it appears that they perform Americana-music. Makes sense.

I'm gonna find my way through the next 10 songs that comprise the LP "Southern State of Mind" and jot down my thoughts. I made even brew myself some sweet tea to sip on for the journey.

Watch the music video for "Campfire" on Youtube here:

We get started with "Cabin on the Hill" and I gotta say, the American vibe is strong. I'm into it. They have a distinctly modern feel while still honoring the genre's traditional sound. "Campfire" does a more than adequate job of capturing the feeling of a summer night. A proper choice for single, although there's a better one we'll get to later on. "Man of Fewest Words" is a bluegrass delight, while title track "Southern State of Mind" has a more epic, country western vibe to it. Both are equally effective. "Destiny" is just a great song and a perfect choice for a single. It sounds like the Stray Cats and Neil Young has a bouncing baby Sugarcane Jane. "Rainbow" is a slower tempo ballad that recalls the classic rock sound of the 60's. "Red Flag Warning" continues this theme and might be my favorite song on the 2nd half of the album. "The One Before Me" is a gorgeous tune with Savana Lee taking a turn at lead vocals. Really earnest ballad. "How Do You Know" isn't bad, but it's a let down on the heels of so many exceptional tracks in a row. The record ends with "We Can Dream" and it's a great little folk jam that again captures that 60's sound perfectly. This could have easily been penned by Joan Baez. Love it.

If you're a fan of America, the Band, and Joan Baez, you're going to absolutely adore this latest effort by Sugarcane Jane. Not a bad song on the entire LP, and many highlights to boot. This comes to you highly recommended.


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