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Now Hear This: Just Go! (EP) - Elizabeth Sage

Rating: ****1/2

Brooklyn singer-songwriter Elizabeth Sage has a new EP called "Just Go!" that is coming out on November 1 of this year (that's soon af).

She's been a darling of the indie music festival circuit and her tunes have been compared to Paramore's Hayley Williams and even T-Swizzle herself. That's some fine company.

I'm gonna kick the tires on the three-song EP and see what else we find out about Sage?

In the meantime, you should listen to lead single "Disease of Loneliness" below.

I'm gonna check it out now.

Watch the music video for "Disease of Loneliness" on Youtube here:

The lead single starts the EP off and I gotta say it's pretty badass. This should be charting now for all I'm concerned. It's pop-rock with a purpose. It's really well done. I can see the Paramore comparisons for sure. Excellent stuff here. "All the Words You Say" is next and it's a melodic pop tune that lacks the all-out force of the first track but makes up for it in earnest lyrics and gorgeous vocals. The far-too-short EP ends with "California Sun". My cat loves this one. Probably my cat's favorite song on the record. I also like it quite a bit. This one sounds like Taylor Swift. Really strong little record here.

Nearly flawless release from Elizabeth Sage here. If you're into Paramore, or Alanis Morissette even, this is gonna be ear candy for you. She's a great songwriter and a great singer and there isn't much more you could ask for here. Highly recommended.


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