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Now Hear This: Fall Girl (single) - Geoff Gibbons

Rating: ***1/2

Over here at Now Hear This we are pretty familiar with Geoff Gibbons. We've checked out his last CD, his last single, and here we are again with a new single to kick the tires on "Fall Girl".

I've always enjoyed Geoff's earnest lyrics and honest approach to the singer-songwriter genre. He has a good voice, and strums a fine guitar. He's the kind of guy I throw on when I'm taking a long road trip. It just feels like travel music.

So I'm about to jump into the new single and let you fine folks know if it's worth your time. I have a suspicion it will be.

Let's go.

Watch the audio video for "Fall Girl" on Youtube here:

This is SUCH a Geoff Gibbons track. It's got that jangly guitar and that pleasant, likable singing voice. Again, a perfect road trip song. Lyrically it's clever and yearning without taking itself too seriously. Looking forward to this next album. Gibbons isn't redefining the genre, but he is adding to it. Another solid single to add to his collection of them.

Gibbons comes correct with this one. It's familiar sounding. I like that. It's a song that isn't trying too hard. It just flows out of the speakers and lands softly in your ears for you to take it. I dig it. I think you will too.


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