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Now Hear This: Final Notice - Lord Sonny the Unifier

Rating: ***1/2

Lord Sonny The Unifier frontman, Gregory Jiritano looks like he could be a mob hitman. Maybe even a serial killer. Not in a bad way. Fact is, dude looks tough. That's why it seems so counterintuitive that the majority of LSTU's latest release "Right In Your I!" revolves around social injustice, lack of love for the earth and animals, and empathy. These guys just don't LOOK sensitive at all! Shows me for judging books by their cover!

I'm looking forward to delving deep into this one as their bio lists their influences as Queens of the Stone Age, The Black Keys, Bowie, and The Killers. Those are all bands I absolutely dig the most. EXCITED!

I'm gonna check it out and report back.

"Right in Your I!" is the first single and the first track on the album. An anti-bullying anthem that sounds a little like The Clash. It's a good choice for the single as it has a really pop-friendly vibe. The second track "The Starman" has a little bit of a Santana vibe. Not exactly what I was expecting, but I dug it alright. Just through me off based on the "similar to" information I had read. "All the Signs" has a Golden Age-era Beck feel to it. Solid second track that took the edge off a bit. "Till We Change Things" and "Your Sweet Daydreams" are both good album tracks. There is some Neil Young influence in both of them and placing them back to back seems a little like overkill. But both tunes are decent. "The All New Nothings" is a delight. Great guitar in this one. It's like Mott the Hoople grew up in Brooklyn. "Satellite Eye" is another grimy rocker. I'm not hearing much The Killers influence on any of these. But it's drenched with Lou Reed especially when getting to track 8 "March Forth". The penultimate track is "Love is on the Line" remind me of Nick Cave and it's one of the highlights of the 2nd half of the album. Sung well and played masterfully. "First in Space" is the last track and it sounds nothing like the rest of the album. A good closer that will make you think. I like that.

*Please note. The order reviewed is not the track order on the final product. That track listing will be as follows:

1. Right in Your I

2. The Starman

3. Till We Change Things

4. Satellite Eye

5. First in Space

6. Your Sweet Daydreams

7. Love is on the Line

8. All the Signs

9. The All New Knownothings

10. March Forth

11. El Ray

This is a solid as eff rock and roll album. It's gritty and grimy and lacks polish but that's what makes it great. It's slow in spots, but the stronger tracks more than make up for it. I recommend this one.


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