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Now Hear This: I'll Be Loving You (single) - Lucinda Belle

Rating: ****

Lucinda Belle is a throwback. She's a jazz harpist and vocalist that prides herself on performing music from a different time. She's a little bit ragtime and a little big Elle King. That's a pretty killer combo.

She also continues the tradition of amazing musicians from San Francisco that I've had the pleasure of reviewing on Now Hear This. That area just kicks out the best players and singers ever.

This single "I'll Be Loving You" is from a forthcoming full-length release, title, and date TBA. I'm looking forward to checking out.

I'm gonna go do that now.

Watch the visual/audio for "I'll Be Loving You " on Youtube here:

Oh wow. This is like time traveling. Hella old school. She's got such a sweet voice. The harp is gorgeous and the melody is very easy to sing along to. The thing that gets me about this is how authentic it sounds. This makes me think of walking into a speakeasy, ordering a whiskey neat, looking over and being enraptured with the sassy chanteuse on stage. A really excellent tune that's well-played and sung even better.

The arrangement here is just gorgeous. If you're a fan of Amy Winehouse or Duffy this is gonna be a good fit for your ears. It's like Lana Del Ray was transported back to 1925. Really good. Recommended.


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