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Now Hear This: Nothing's Wrong - Elza

Rating: ****1/2

Toronto-bound, Elza has a new album called "Nothing's Wrong" coming out on November 2nd and as promised when I reviewed the "Endeavor" single, I have a full album review just waiting to be read!

As I mentioned in the earlier review, Elza does almost every aspect of the music-making herself. She writes, she plays, she sings! Pretty impressive.

I loved the single, so I have really high hopes for the LP. Don't disappoint me Elza! I've been through enough!

I'm gonna listen to it now.

Watch the music video for "Endeavor" on Youtube here:

"Moonlight and I" is a great starting point and really sets the mood for what Elza is all about. I know the "Endeavor" single is next so I'm already in anticipation mode as we lead into it. Perfect lead-in track. I've talked about "Endeavor" so I'm not gonna rehash. Bottom line is, it's a very solid first single. "Swayed" is catchy. It's From the Choirgirl Hotel-era Tori Amos inspired for sure. That's not a bad thing. "Hollow" has a great bass drum-snare combo intro that goes on throughout the rest of the tune. Hypnotic. "Simple Dreams" is a sad, slow, ballad. It's good change-of-direction here, but I'll admit, it's kind of a bummer. Title track "Nothing's Wrong" is next. It's got a 20's feel to it. Another downtempo affair but with a really cool noir vibe. "Stay With Me" starts with an acapella intro that's really subtle and stunning. This one really shows off her vocal range. "Room" is haunting. Elza has shown us quite a few different looks on this one. Really impressive. "Can't Heal" is more pop-influenced and kinda reminds me of Tracy Chapman in a way. The Natalie Merchant comparisons will always be there though. She's gonna have a hard time avoiding that. The final and tenth track is called "One Day" and it's just gorgeous. This isn't easy listening music, but it's definitely an easy listen.

This is a delight. If you're a fan of Tori Amos, Natalie Merchant, or Jewel, you're going to find more than enough here to soothe what aches you. Really excellent effort on this one. Well done, Elza. Very highly recommended.


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