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Now Hear This: Illusion Is Inevitable - Venice May

Rating: ****

Natalia Samofalova (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar and Keyboards) and Vincent Bedfert (Lead Guitar) are a couple on and off stage. Their project, Venice May, is an experimental fusion of modern and ethereal rock music. Sounds pretty cool.

The album I'm about to review, "Illusion is Inevitable" was released back in September and I'm hearing really good things about it. That, of course, means nothing to me, as I will give it a thorough listening myself, unaffected by the opinions of the music critic masses.

I've said enough, maybe too much even. I think it's time to listen to this. I'm gonna listen to it so hard.

Watch the music video for "Hiding Place"on Youtube here:

"Mouse and a Snake" leads us off and it has a strong Evanescence feel to it. Samofalova is a really great rock vocalist, and musically they're really tight. Blistering opening track. I love when rock music albums start like that. "Only I Will Remain" is more mystic-tinged rock. I liked it, but the next track "Hiding Place" really shines brightly. It reminds me of Tori Amos' more heavy tracks. Think "Professional Widow". Really great and a perfect choice for the first single. "Thinning Ice" and "Mr. and Misadventure" are both solid album cuts, and "Limerence" is a slower tempo number with one of the best choruses on the entire record. "Disequilibrium" is moody and even darker sounding than the preceding tracks while "Down That Alley" keeps the theme going with a gritty piece of bluesy rock music with a cyberpunk edge. This reminds me of A Perfect Circle. "One Way Out" is a fucking rocker. Maybe my favorite song on the album. So powerful in literally every way. "Devil's Lap" is solid if unspectular and "The Nerve" isn't my favorite either. It's not bad, it just seems like we've been down this road before. "XYZ" is great. Feels like a good way to start closing out the LP. "In The Presence Of A Ghost" is gorgeous and a fitting end to a very good record.

Despite some slow spots late in the album, "Illusion is Inevitable" is an absolute blast to listen to. Impressive guitar and vocals combined with very tight strong structure and melodies. It's like TOOL with a female lead vocalist. Highly recommended.


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