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Now Hear This: Pine Box Derby (single) - Pete Mancini

Rating: ***1/2

Pete Mancini is an NYC-based singer-songwriter. He specializes in Dylan-esque Americana that's somewhere between folk and cafe-rock.

He has a new single called "Pine Box Derby" out and it landed in my mailbox just aching for me to give it a listen.

I'm a sucker for Americana. I love Jim Croce and Springsteen and tales of real life. This seems to be in that vein so I'm gonna be honest, I should at least like it.

So I'm gonna kick the tires on this one and report back ASAP.

Listen to "Pine Box Derby" on Soundcloud here:

"Pine Box Derby" is really good. It's a narrative piece that should relate to anybody that's ever contemplated getting older and wanting to be anywhere except the place that they currently are. Mancini is a good player and singer and the addition of a female harmony really adds something to the chorus. It's a really solid track and I look forward to hearing more from him.

America can be a sad place that feels isolating. This track captured that feeling all too well. Pete Mancini has a great feel for the everyman. Fans of Ryan Adams should pay particular attention to this one as I think they are going to really pick up what Mancini is laying down. Check it out. I think you'll dig it.


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