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Now Hear This: Endeavor (single) - Elza

Rating: ****

Vancouver chanteuse, Elza is moving to Toronto soon but before she does that she's got a new album called "Nothing's Wrong" dropping on November 2nd (full album review coming soon) but before even that she's got a new single out called "Endeavor" that I'm pretty excited to be listening to and reviewing right here.

Elza writes, composes, and performs all of this stuff herself. Wow. So when you listen to this, it's truly someone displaying their unique vision 100%. That's pretty cool if you ask me.

Her last couple of releases landed on some indie charts and got her considerable play on college radio. I'm sure that this upcoming LP will be no different, and could even launch her into some mainstream earbuds in no time flat.

Let's check out this first single though. We'll chat after the jump.

Watch the music video for "Endeavor" on Youtube here:

I'm a sucker for dreamy, down-tempo, vocal pop so this is immediately hitting me in the feels. Elza has a lovely voice that matches perfectly with the electronic backbeat. She sounds like Sarah Mclaughlin a bit, but with a more Portishead music vibe. That makes sense right? The melody is strong. I can see this getting a ton of college radio airplay...again. This makes me excited to review the rest of the LP.

Most people are gonna find something that they dig about "Endeavor". That said, fans of Tori Amos and Portishead are gonna absolutely eat it up. I'm a fan. Highly recommended.


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