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Now Hear This: Avenue B - The Goldwyn Experiment

Rating: ***1/2

Goldwyn Thandrayen has lived a life. Playing in rock bands. Living all sorts of rad cites like Montreal, San Diego, NYC, Glasgow, etc. Some would even say he's living the dream.

In November (11/2/2018 to be exact) he's releasing the follow-up to last years "Avenue A" with the appropriately titled "Avenue B" which also happens to be where he used to reside in NYC's Lower East Side.

He used to be the singer and guitarist for the band Psychocide, whose "Alcohol + Bad Decisions" was reviewed right on this very blog.

Let's see how this solo project sounds shall we?

Watch the music video for "Sad Boy Summer" on Youtube here:

"Prologue" is a little instrumental intro piece that actually reminds me of Stone Temple Pilots intro piece on the "Purple" album. Kinda cool. "Vodka Tea" is next and it's got a real frenetic energy to it. It's kinda ska-ish. Cool track for sure. "Bag of Nails" is a forgettable little rocker that comes off like filler. "Sad Boy Summer" sounds like a single and I'm pretty sure it is. It has a G-Love vibe to it. Rap, rock, and all that. Some swear words in there. Guitar is dope on this one. "Fast Response" is musically the strongest track on the album so far. Lot's of time changes. Solid. "Interlude" is jazzy and fun but sounds out-of-place on this album. "Whale Jail" is surf rock and it really works for them. I dig it. This is a highlight for sure. "Arrows" and "Let it Snow" are both strong album tracks but "Queen of the Night" is fantastic. Just an excellent, melodic, slow-burn, rock track right at the tail end of the album. Moody and atmospheric. Love it. "Epilogue" is another piano-based jazz track and although it doesn't seem to fit, it makes it a fitting end of the record for that reason alone.

This one is all over the place but it's mostly good, with some really excellent moments in there as well. If you have a diverse musical taste, this one is gonna hit it outta the park for you. Even if you don't at least one of the tracks will probably tickle your fancy.


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