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Now Hear This: Of All These Things - Eric Anders and Mark O'Bitz

Rating: ****

Most of you know that I absolutely love singer-songwriter music. I'm an Elliott Smith and Jeff Buckley fan from way back. So I'm usually pretty geeked when I see that genre of music dropped in my inbox.

California duo Eric Anders and Mark O'Bitz have been working on music stuff together for many years. However, this is their first proper collaboration in the form of the LP "Of All These Things".

Anders has been reviewed here before, on the anti-Trump album "Eleven Nine". I dug that one. WIll I dig this one?

Let's find out.

Listen to "Of All These Things" on Soundcloud here:

Gorgeous vocals to get us started on track one "Below the Night". Dreamy folk rock with a gorgeous accompaniment of an acoustic guitar. "Look Into The Sun" is a Springsteen-esque track. I really love the mood on this one. It almost takes you on a road trip staring into the beaming rays of oncoming sunlight. Really solid. "I Used To Be Another" is a jangly ballad that showcases the gorgeous melodies that Anders and O'Bitz make together. "High to Low" has a 90's vibe. It reminds me a little of The Cranberries with a male lead vocal. "Hold On To Me" and "Found My Way Home" are both well-written, and well-sung while not standing out as extraordinary. They're both good, but come off as solid album tracks. "Together Must Be Found" is just gorgeous and heartfelt. One of the highlights of the albums middle portion. "New Life" is intense and atmospheric. Another very solid track. "Eyes Of Your Loves" has little honky tonk in it. Surprising. It settles into a pop ditty that Tom Petty would be proud of. "Times Gone" is the last track on the album and arguably it's strongest. I find this to be such a perfect culmination of the record's journey. So rare to find such a cohesive ending to an LP.

You can really tell that these two have been making music together for well over a decade. There is a chemistry here that you don't see every day. I found this album to be really enjoyable from bell-to-bell. A real rarity these days. Very highly recommended.

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