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Now Hear This: Growing Pains - Jason Cheny

Rating: ***1/2

Jason Cheny was originally born in Taiwan but has bounced around all over the world with pit stops in the US and Canada.

Well, he bounced to Seattle last year to record his debut album for Uproar Records titled "Growing Pains".

Apparently, Jason won the 2017 World Series of Comedy (not sure what that is other than another World Series that the Los Angeles Dodgers didn't win last year). It sounds like a cool honor, and it made me excited to check out what this album has in store for me.

I'm gonna do what Jude does. I'm gonna listen to this comedy album and then critique the living eff out of it.

Listen to "Bull Penises" on Soundcloud here:

​​Cheny has a great delivery. He kind of reminds me of the late, great, Greg Giraldo. His opening bit is a hilarious riff on Seattle's homeless population. When a comic delves into making fun of the homeless, it's usually hacky, unoriginal, and rude, but Cheny manages to make himself the butt, while still sounding fresh. Impressive. His first 20 minutes delves into some familiar territory, but Cheny offers sufficient originality to truly make it his own. Aside from some slow spots in the middle of the record, the special hums along at a fairly consistent pace. Notably, the bit "Roaches" will have you doubled over in laughter. One of the highlights of the middle portion for sure. The ending of the album is "Bath Houses" which is a very funny bit about not wanting a large penis, before seamlessly transitioning into the closing bit "Bull Penises". Such a great closer to a pretty great set.​

Jason Cheny is a funny dude. His debut album is solid throughout. It has plenty of hysterical moments to keep you more than satisfied through some of the slower moments (there aren't that many). I highly recommend it.

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