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Now Hear This: Cubicle Zombie (EP) - Weather McNabb

Rating: ****

The east coast can make reality feel even harsher than it is. No surprise that Weather McNabb hails from just north of Boston.

Her bio is simply "Professional. Millennial. Feminist. Betrayed."

I'm into it.

This EP titled "Cubicle Zombie" promises to be a clever mix of electronic and vocal rock music that touches on the mundane realities of day-to-day office life. We've all been there, haven't we?

My headphones are ready. Are you? Let's listen.

Listen to "Cubicle Zombie" on Soundcloud here:

Nice little rockabilly riff gets "Good Morning" started. It eventually succumbs to an electronic dub beat. McNabb's got some pipes on her. I really dig her voice. Lyrically, it doesn't fail the album's title. Really good opening track. "Adapt" is much sparser musically, but it works. It's solid but didn't grab me like the first tune did. Next up is "War Paint" and it's got a sultry and moody vibe. I really like the chorus and found myself singing it throughout the day. That's always a good sign. "Time Machine" mixes the best elements of modern rock with 80's electronic dance pop. I could see this getting some serious run in the clubs. The far too short EP ends with "User Error" and it's a little funkier than the rest. It's got a cool NIN vibe to it. Bummed this one is over.

Super enjoyable EP that makes me wish it was an LP. I guess I'll have to wait. If you dig electronic music with sultry vocals, this is gonna hit you in all the right places.

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