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Now Hear This: Sueños de Luna y Mar (EP) - DDLO

Rating: ****1/2

Let the record state that I don't know much about DDLO or Latin music in general. Like NOTHING. That said, I usually can distinguish was makes me feel awesome to what makes me feel lame and that is how I go into most album reviews.

DDLO is a Latin Jazz outfit out of Oakland, CA and they are here with a 4 song EP that I'll be offering my expert opinion on.

Now as I understand it, this is gonna have some lyrics to it in places and full disclosure: I'm not gonna know what they are saying. I'm just gonna use the context of the music to make a judgment call on what it's all about baby!


Let's have a listen.

Listen to the entire EP of "Sueños de Luna y Mar" on Soundcloud here:

The first track is called "El Mundo Fosforescente" and it has just this rad flavor to it. It's sexy and haunting and everything I'm probably missing out on when I listen to classic rock or rap music instead of Latin Jazz music. SO MUCH SOUL in this. An amazing first track that really whets my appetite for the rest of the record. Next is " El Día que Llegó el Payaso" and this one has a different feel to it. Sounds a little more traditional but I love it all the same. Again, not sure what they are saying but it sounds badass. I could really see myself drinking a bit too much and dancing my ass off to this one. Another really excellent track. "El Pulpo y la Luna" is next and it again shows off DDLO's versatility. It almost sounds like robots are playing the instruments. It's so mathematical and dope. I LOVE this one as well. Holy shit this is a great EP. The last track, "Nostalgia Majestuoso" is more of a ballad and it's gorgeous. Perfect headphones song to end a record. So so good.

An almost perfect record. Too short! I wish this was an LP so hard! In any event, I give this such a high recommendation. Regardless of whether you generally like this genre of music, you're gonna love this and put it on repeat. Really really good.

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