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Now Hear This: Empire State Of Sound (single/video) - CAMU

Rating: ****

Hey hey hey y'all! Terry the Turtle coming live and direct from a shanty hotel room in the middle of the country. Getting ready to check out CAMU. This dude used to sing for a band named NAKED and he's toured the world opening for the Killers with that band.

That's hella dope.

NAKED's manager died in 2010, the band fell apart and just like that CAMU disappeared from the music scene for 8 years.

Anyways, he's back with a new solo single out called "Empire State of Sound" and I'm about to put it directly in my ears. Once I do that I'm gonna let you guys know all about it. Pretty formulaic, but effective all the same. So let's listen to it. I'm gonna do that at once.

Watch the music video for "Empire State of Sound" on Youtube here:

So dude looks like a rockstar. He's got the vibe for sure. The song itself is a catchy ode to NYC. It's definitely got a pop appeal to it. Lyrically it's pretty straightforward with nods to some of CAMU's favorite New York landmarks and activities. It's not gonna revolutionize rock music but it's a fun little summertime jam.

I reccomend this one for fans of poppy rock and roll that doesn't take itself too seriously. It's fun for sure. If you're looking for Bohemian Rhapsody, look elsewhere though. This ain't it.

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