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Now Hear This: With My Eyes Wide Open (single) - Brother Brother

Rating: ***1/2

Brother Brother are brothers (spoiler alert!) out of the historic music hotbed of Nashville, TN.

They have a new single called "With My Eyes Wide Open" out and I'm pretty stoked to check it out. Their debut album made some waves peaking at #2 on iTunes New Release chart so they've seen some success in their early career.

Will this be another step to eventual superstardom? Only one way to find out. And yes, I am the definitive voice on whether that will happen or not.


Let's check it out.

Listen to "With My Eyes Wide Open" on Soundcloud here:

Really pretty acapella harmonies to start us off. The first verse is some solid rap bars that harken back to the glory days of Flobot. Very similar flow and cadence. Chorus is the same as the intro with a musical background. This is an interesting mix of contemporary pop and hip-hop. I'm into it. The bridge is a nice touch. Tune ends with a really dope electronic groove, more choruses, and a rap outro.

While this isn't redefining the genre, it's still an original twist on modern pop that I think will be pleasing to most ears. They're a little bit Flobots and a little bit Imagine Dragons and a whole lot of pretty good. I recommend checking it out.

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