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Now Hear This: Predators (single/video) - We Are The Catalyst

Rating: ****

It's been a minute since I had some serious fucking metal to listen to on Now Here This and I was just wondering when I'd get something compelling to review in my inbox and BOOM! just like that I get the new single from We Are The Catalyst called "Predator".

They have a new record coming out in 2019 titled "Ephemeral" and this single/video combo is a teaser of sorts. I'm excited to listen to it as they claim that on this track they planner to go "darker and heavier than ever before".

Fuck yeah!

I'll be the judge of that.

Watch the music video for "Predators" on Youtube here:

"We're all going to Hell..." is the first line of this track. METAL AF! Ok. First things first, I absolutely love Cat Key's voice. She's the quintessential metal goddess. This song certainly rocks hard. It also happens to have a rad melody and some serious pop appeal. I can see this getting a ton of airplay on rock radio. It's like Dream Theater and Paramore had a baby. The baby is cute, FWIW. Pretty nonstop rock on this one. Just the way I like it.

If you're into modern metal with tons of hooks, this is gonna be right up your alley. It's hard and fast and the singer is pretty incredible. It's also well-played. Metal horns for days on this one. Highly rec'd.

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