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Now Hear This: Limbo (single) - Scott Chasolen

Rating: **1/2

Jersey native and singer-songwriter Scott Chasolen is pretty accomplished. For years he played in the instrumental band ulu and since 2006 he's been in Pink Floyd tribute band The Machine.

"Limbo" is a single that was written appropriately enough when his marriage was "hanging in thin air" as he puts it. That kind of situation can be stressful af, but also oftentimes creates the greatest art.

Will that be the case here? Let's listen to find out.

Listen to "Limbo" on Spotify by clicking here:

Musically it's pretty sparse and the arrangement is pretty simple. Chasolen has a lovely singing voice and the songs earnest lyrics fit the mood and melody well. It's pleasant but it's really just a good song you'd hear in a cafe showcase somewhere. That sounds harsher than I mean it to, but it's really just a decent tune. The middle of the song is my favorite part. It's got a great little piano solo that really works as the bridge from the middle chorus to the ending chorus. Really good stuff there in an otherwise only ok track.

There's nothing wrong with this single by Scott Chasolen. Nothing wrong at all. There's just not enough right to make it great. It's a good song and almost everyone that hears it will enjoy it. But it's just kinda forgettable. It's only a mild recommendation from me.

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