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Now Hear This: Sunshine (EP) - Synthonic

Rating: ***1/2

Synthonic is a UK-based electrofunk/jazz project by Kieron Garrett. Garrett is a real DIY dude at heart as he wrote, performed, and produced all of the music himself. He even did his website himself. Dude is a real self-starter.

Electronic music can be a real mixed bag for me so I always go into these kinds of releases with a critical eye and ear. That said, I plan on listening to this with an open mind and heart. Especially due to my deep love of jazz music, which this promises to have plenty of elements of.

Diving in now. My thoughts below.

Listen to "Groove Report" on Soundcloud here:

Track one is called "Sunshine" after the EP of the same name. It's cool. I mean, it's electronic music with a heart for sure. Sometimes electronic music can come off so cold. That isn't the case here. I'm not in love with it yet, but it's a solid opener. The next track is "Groove Report" and I jive with this one a lot more. It has this unique surround sound feel in your headphones. I dig it a lot. Get stoned and listen to this. "Come On, Get Up!" is next and it's more of a jazz track. Again, I don't love this, but it's not awful. Just kinda basic cafe jazz with an electronic feel. I've said the word "electronic" in this review way too much. Remind me not to say it again. Thanks. Track four is "Take It From Me" and it's a downtempo number that I quite like. It's got a cool autotune vocal that I don't hate either. I usually hate autotune so good on ya. "Head Banging" is the last track and it's not nearly as metal as it sounds. It's a pleasant way to end the EP though so I'm not mad at it.

This is better than good but not quite great. If you're into electro-jazz it's probably gonna make you bob your head a bit for sure. For people that aren't fans of the genre, there are still some things here that you might like, but it'll probably be a pass overall for you. For me, I dug it. Recommended.

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