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Now Hear This: Singing You This Song - LeeSun

Rating: ****

I reviewed the single and music video for "Dry Your Eyes" by LeeSun a few days ago and it excited me to listen to the upcoming release "Singing You This Song" that's due out October 29th.

Well guess what ended up in my mailbox early? YES. You got it. The whole album. Ready to dive into. So rad.

In case you forgot what the single sounded like, I'm linking the video below so you can check it out. It's a good one. But right now, I'm gonna put on the headphones and dive right into the whole album and report below.

Watch the "Dry Your Tears" music video on Youtube here:

The song "Wishing" leads us off and it's got a gorgeous guitar into. LeeSun has a gorgeous voice and this stripped back singer-songwriter vibe is a really perfect sound for her. Really beautiful opener. "This is My Life" is next and it starts with some dope harmonies. This one is a little more playful. It kinda reminds me of Feist in parts. Solid. "Mother Dear" is equal parts sweet and haunting. Lead single "Dry Your Tears" is next, and I talked a lot about it a few days ago, but I'll reiterate. It's really strong. It reminds me of Nick Cave. There ya go. "Want to Be" and "The Week You Loved Me" are great middle bits of the album. While neither stands out for any particular reason, they're both great songs that keep the record rolling along. "The Way" is another stripped down ballad. This is really where LeeSun hits her sweet spot. She's got such a lovely voice that it carries these types of melodies really gorgeously. "It Is What It Is" is a sad-sounding folk tune that will hit you right in the feels. Title track "Singing This Song For You" is catchy with a great snare-roll drum beat throughout. It somehow works perfectly. "Oh My Love" has the lushest arrangement on the entire album. Breathtaking. "Everything Dies" is a bummer. A beautiful bummer, but still a bummer. Well-sung and played, this is probably the darkest song on the record. "I'm Coming Home" in contrast is almost a happy little diddy. Well, not quite. Still somber, LeeSun sings this tune about failure and eventual homecoming. Relatable. "We're All Made Of Stars" ends the album, and it's not a Moby cover. It is, however, a gorgeous lullaby that ends an intensely somber and astonishing record.

LeeSun isn't gonna be for everybody and that's ok. Personally, I found this album inspired and gorgeous. That said, I won't be listening to it too often due to the fact that it can probably take me to a sadder place than I want to be most times. Still highly recommended.

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