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Now Hear This: Dry Your Tears (single & music video) - LeeSun

Rating: ****

Korean-born, Canadian-raised, and now based in the UK, singer-songwriter LeeSun has been around. She's got a new album dropping (that's what the kids are still saying right?) on October 29th called "Singing You This Song" (full review coming soon).

She's sent out a little teaser in the form of "Dry Your Eyes" as a single and music video release.

That's dope. We'll have a look and listen. Sounds fun right?

Watch the "Dry Your Tears" music video on Youtube here:

Ooh I like this already. It's moody. It actually kind of reminds me of a less sinister Red Right Hand by Nick Cave. Anytime an artist reminds me of Nick Cave (especially Let Love In-era) it's generally a good thing. She's got such a cool vocal delivery. It's not talking, but it's not really singing either. It's a style uniquely her own. Strong and slow melody with a haunting chorus. I'm gonna throw this in the rotation ASAP.

The video is dark af. Very well shot and cinematic. It looks like a movie. For an independent artist, this looks like it had a budget. The song is dope and the video is doper.

Obviously, I was mad into this. It made me really excited to check out the whole LP to review. I'll probably be getting to that sooner rather than later. In the meantime, you should fire this video up, and throw some headphones on. You'll listen and watch more than once, I'd be willing to bet. Highly recommended.

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