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Now Hear This: All the Water (EP) - Deb Montgomery

Rating: ****

Based in Seattle now but earning her stripes in NYC and Toronto, comes Deb Montgomery.

She's got a new EP coming out on October 13, 2018 called "All The Water" and by the looks of things, it's Folk-rock with an emphasis on the rock.

Influenced by Neko Case, Elbow, and Neil Young, Montgomery aims to make a name for herself not only in the competitive Seattle scene but worldwide.

So let's have a listen to "All The Water" and see what the fuss is all about.

We get the folk party started with the title track "All The Water". It's a slow burn for sure, with a methodical opening verse with a sparse musical background. It sets the mood well, as the pace and volume increase heading into the powerful chorus. Deb can really sing. Excellent opener here. "Dig for Diamonds" is next and it's rock solid. Melodic rock with jangly guitar in the vein of Automatic For the People-era R.E.M. I dig it. Track three is "Wake Me". Slower and bluesier. Lyrically earnest and well-sung, this one is a real sleeper. I could see this being a lot of peoples favorite tune on the record. "Hold On" is the first song that I would consider a proper ballad. It's melancholy but gorgeous all the same. Strong chorus picks up the pace. A lot of changes musically on this one. Excellent EP heading into the final track. "Mend" is another sad one. This is a headphone tune for sure. Lovely. Just lovely.

I really enjoyed this EP by Deb Montgomery. She's a rad singer and musically it was solid throughout. A gifted songwriter, she captures the modern folk genre in a truly unique way. Very highly recommended.

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