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Now Hear This: Achelous & Melpomene (EP) - Night Tongue

Rating: ****1/2

Night Tongue is a post-punk project from Los Angeles by way of Australia and they've worked with some heavy hitters over the years. Does David J, White Magic, and Steve Albini ring a bell? That's what I thought. You probably said, "Yeah actually, it does sound kinda familiar." That's ok. I also said that. In any event, they have an EP out called "Achelous & Melpomene" and I literally have no idea what that means. Good thing I have google. It's Greek mythology. Pretty cool.

This promises to be full of moody goodness so I'm really stoked to listen to it since I've had a pretty rotten day anyways. Let's see if this will push me over the edge!

Bonus points if it does.

Let's check it out!

Listen to "Nautical Heart" on Soundcloud here:

The lead single leads us off (I said lead twice really quickly) and it's called "Nautical Heart". It's very atmospheric and moody (I knew it would be moody!). This one has lead vocals by Carisa Bianca and it's quite lovely actually. Gothic with earnest sweetness. I'm a fan. The next track is "The Gate" and it's sung by Andrew Dalziell. It has a deliberate pace that crawls along. It sounds like it could be on the Lost Boys soundtrack and that's not a bad thing. This one sounds like a modern vampire living in the east village's theme song. I'm into it. "Heiros Gamos" is where this too short EP ends and it's another gothy and dark number. This one has some harmonious chanting with an almost Enigma-sounding ambient backdrop. It's as beautiful as it is chilling. Powerful stuff.

I really loved this short little record and desperately wish there was more to it. It's nearly a perfect blend of gothic atmosphere combined with moody vocals. Very highly recommended for fans of Dead Can Dance and the like. Really good.

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