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Now Hear This: Too Much to Say I Love You (music video) - WeatheredMan

Rating: ***1/2

WeatheredMan is an interesting project. It combines a lot of different styles to create a cohesive, yet versatile mix of rock, folk, r&b, and jazz.

The latest single (and accompanying music video) is for the track "Too Much to Say I Love You" and it's pulled from the EP "C-30 Duets Vol. 1" and features jazz/R&B singer Danii Roundtree lending a hand on vocals.

Let's listen as we watch and talk about it, k?

Watch the music video for "Too Much to Say I Love You" on Youtube here:

It starts with a jazzy little intro. The familiar WeatheredMan vocals that sound a little like Tindersticks if I'm being honest. Roundtree offers a softer touch that goes well with Daniel Simon's gruff style. Lyrically it's moody and that's also a familiar theme. The melody is strong and the chorus is catchy. The song is really strong, but it didn't blow my mind or anything.

The video itself, I dig. It's an homage to old VHS tapes and I'm a sucker for that. It's a basic performance video, but the catch is that Simon's getting makeup done to look as if he's been beaten up. It works.

This is a typical solid outing from WeatheredMan and fans of theirs are really gonna love it. As for me, I thought it was really good and that's enough for me to give it a strong recommend.

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