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Now Hear This: Desperate Times (EP) - The Slang

Rating: ***

DC trio The Slang have released an EP called "Desperate Times" and I get to listen to it and between you and me, I think that's pretty dope.

They are an indie rock band in the vein of Nada Surf (one of my faves) and Wilco and have been touring pretty consistently over the last several years.

Their first two EP's had some serious college radio success and heavy hitters in the production studio. This one promises nothing less than that so I'm really excited to check it out.

My headphones are warmed up and ready to go. My thoughts below. That rhymed. Unintentional.

Watch the music video for "Is It Any" on Youtube here:

The first track is "Back to the Fact" and it's got a kinda Gin Blossoms vibe which I generally like. This one is a little basic for me though. It's not awful, but it's terribly unoriginal. It's got a solid melody line and a sing-songy chorus but it's just not innovative. "Breakdown" is better. It has almost a desperate feeling to it that suits the lyrical content well. Really good chorus also. I could see this getting a lot of college radio airplay per the usual for them. "Harm" is next and its intro riff is my favorite one so far. This one has a Jimmy Eat World feel. The verse is my favorite on the record so far as well. Good harmonies on this one. Really good track. "Is It Any" is the first single on the EP and it's got a ton of radio appeal. Three really great tracks in a row and now I'm bummed there isn't more. "Head Start" is ironically the last track. It's got a Local H vibe. It's a little slow and definitely my second-least favorite track on the album.

Three stars from me. Very close to three and a half based on the fact that tracks 2,3, and 4 are all excellent. But I didn't care for tracks 1 and 5 at all and that drug the rating down. That said, 60% of the album is damn good indie rock with a pop appeal. Check it out.

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