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Now Hear This: Tall Pines & Tangled Vines - The Rabbitts

Rating: *****

I've always liked duos. It's simple. Stripped-down. Honest. Just a pair of people telling a story through their music. The Rabbitts join us from the UK and Canada hot on the heels of releasing their critically acclaimed EP "Avocado & Ginger Tree" with a new LP called "Tall Pines & Tangled Vines".

They apparently have lived and are still living in a van, exploring a simpler way of life. That sounds romantic. Not for me, but romantic nonetheless.

Let's see if the new album can sell enough copies to upgrade them to tour bus status.

But first, it has to be good. So is it? Let's have a listen.

Watch the music video for "Wild" on Youtube here:

"Twisted Pine" is the first stop. It's a delightful little tune. Folksy and sweet, it seems like a good precursor for what we're about to experience. "Wild" is next and it's been pegged the first single off the record. It's again very sweet with harmonies aplenty. I think "sweet" is gonna be a prevailing theme here. "Swallows" is rich in melody and finger picking and continues the theme of gentle and honest modern folk music. Nothing transcendent here, but it's all very enjoyable. "Brambles & Blackberries" has a little bit of a darker tone despite it's simple and light lyrical content. It just has a moodier vibe than the rest. "Luna Lupe" almost slips into bluegrass territory but not quite. It's beginning to get a little same-sy and I almost wish they would have fully taken the dixie plunge. "Bud Burrow Blues" is excellent. I love this sound for them. It's moody and dark with harmonica and harmonies. Love this one. My favorite track thus far. "Midnight Moon" is another solid track and the second half of the album is really humming now. Dreamy and gorgeous. "Lonesome Tree" isn't anything we haven't heard. On this album even! But it's still lovely. "Tangerine Green" is the penultimate track and it's soft and sweet. Well-sung and played, it has everything you've come to expect so far. "First Life" is sad and pretty and a fitting end to the album.

What this album lacks in innovation it makes up for in lovely modern folk music. Consistently good throughout, I can't imagine anyone actively disliking this LP. It doesn't take many risks, but it more than makes up for it in lovely songs. You're gonna like it.

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