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Now Hear This: Liquid Lotus (single) - Mah-Ze-Tar

Rating: ***1/2

When I think about the Sitar I immediately think of Ravi Shankar. Don't we all? I think we all do. So when I saw this come through the inbox, I thought "Whoa! This dude plays the Sitar just like Ravi Shankar!!!" Then I started to read the one-sheet and it appears that Mah-Ze-Tar isn't aiming to be just another Sitar player. He's got a diverse pallet to choose from, including flamenco and trance music. I'm game to give it a run.

Let's check out the first track released from the full-length LP by the same name and then I'll give my thoughts on it. Ok? Ok.

Watch the music video for "Liquid Lotus" on Youtube here:

My initial reaction is that it sounds pretty traditional at first. That's at first. Soon enough we delve into some hypnotic beats, some singing, some chanting, and then even more traditional sounding Sitar. He can really play and this actually has a really cool melody interwoven into the ambient backbeat and classical Sitar sound. This is a mediation groove for sure. I'm interested to hear what the rest of the album sounds like.

I really enjoyed this little taste of the upcoming release. It didn't blow me away, but I was really impressed with the innovative arrangements and thought it was really well-played. If you're into world music with a house flare, you're gonna dig this the most.

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