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Now Hear This: Spanish Shore (single) - Lucky 757

Rating: ****1/2

Surf rock can be a mixed bag. On one hand, it almost always makes me feel good, on the other, it's almost never very innovative at this point.

I got a single from Portsmouth, VA based Lucky 757 called "Spanish Shore" from the just recently released full-length album called "Lonesome Lagoon" (review of that coming soon) here and I'm looking forward to diving right in.

Surf rock is kinda like sex (and pizza). Even when it's bad, it's still pretty good.

Let's give it a test-drive.

Listen to "Spanish Shore" on Soundcloud here:

Ok, this is nice. It's very well-played and offers a fresh sound. Sometimes it's hard to tell if it's good or not because these songs always sound kinda familiar. In this case, it's a good thing. It reminds me of being a kid and listening to my dad's eight-track tapes of Dick Dale and Gene Vincent in his old van with a mural of Pegasus painted on the side. It sounds modern enough for a millennial crowd while still firmly sticking to the traditional roots of the genre. I loved it.

This track made me really excited to review the entire record. If you dig surf rock or rock and roll in general, I bet you're really gonna love this.

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